Brief History

The Faculty of Agriculture was established in February 1919 and has developed steadily while making great strides in the fields of research and education of agricultural science and technology, including newer areas such as biological control, food science and technology, genetic resources and biotechnology. The Faculty aims at research and education in the development of advanced technology using biological resources for environmental conservation in the 21st century.

We are entering a new era of applied biology supported by a profound understanding of nature and by the advancement of gene manipulation, protein engineering, cell fusion etc, which have not only improved extant biological techniques but also made it possible to design innovative hitherto-unknown methodologies and techniques. Incorporating these into our programs, our research and education cover a broad spectrum of disciplines including biological, chemical, physio-mathematical, social and environmental sciences.

The Faculty now comprises eleven departments and five research and education facilities that include the University Farm, University Forests, Fishery Research Laboratory, Institute of Biological Control and Institute of Genetic Resources. The School of Agriculture comprises four courses. In addition, the Biotron Institute of Tropical Agriculture of University are closely associated with the Faculty.

Each department, assisted by the research and education facilities, offers programs in its specialization both for undergraduate and graduate students.

Apr.1.1919 Founded as Faculty of Agricultere in Kyushu Imperial University.
Aug.28.1920 Dept. of Afronomy was established.
Apr.22.1921 University Farm was established.
Feb.2.1922 Dept. of Agricultural Chemistry and Foresty were established.
May.29.1922 University Forests was established.
Sep.1922 Sawara Forest was established.
Nov.1922 Kasuya Forest was established.
Oct.20.1936 Hikosan Biological Institute(H.B.I) was esablished in Kyushu University.
Mar.1939 Miyazaki Forest was established.
May.11.1940 Research Institute of Sericultural Chemistry(R.I.S.C) was established.
Apr.1.1941 Dept.of Fisheries was established.
Apr.1.1942 Dept.of Agricultural Engineering was established.
Aug.22.1944 Fishery Research Laboratory was established.
Apr.1.1946 Depts.of Animal Science and Agricultural Economics were established.
Oct.1.1947 Name of University was changed from Kyushu Imperial University to Kyushu University.
Jan.31.1949 R.I.S.C was reorganized into Laboratory of Sericultural Chemistry.
Feb.1949 Hokkaido Forest was established.
Jul.1952 Ibusuki Experimental Farm was established.
Apr.1.1953 Founded as Division of Agriculture in Graduate School:
(Agronomy,Agricultural Chemisty,Forestry,Technology of Forest Products,Fishery Sciences,Agricultural Engineering,Animal Science,Agriculrural Economics were established.)
Mar.1955 Fishery Research Laboratory was transferred to Tsuyazaki-Town.
Apr.1.1957 Inst. of Wood Materials was established.
Apr.1.1957 H.B.I. was attached to Faculty of Agriculture.
Apr.1.1961 Dept.of Forest Products was established.
Apr.1.1964 Inst.of Biological Control(Div.of Insect Pathology and Microbial Control) was established.
Apr.1.1965 Dept.of Food Science and Technology was established.
Apr.1.1966 Inst.of Biological Control(Div.of Insect Natural Enemies)was established.
Apr.1.1966 Biotron Institute was established.
Apr.1.1969 Food Science and Technology(Master's Course) was established.
Apr.1.1969 Inst.of Wood Materials was abolished.
Apr.1.1971 The name was changed from Hikosan Biological Institute to Hikosan Biological Laboratory.
Apr.1.1972 Food Science and Technology(Doctor's Course) was established.
May.1.1972 Inst.of Silkworm Genetics was established.
Apr.1.1975 Inst.of Tropical Agriculture was established.
Apr.1.1981 Kuju Agricultural Research Center was established.
May.21.1987 Inst.of Genetic Resources was established.
Inst.of Silkworm Genetics was established.
Apr.1.1989 Graduate School of Genetic Resources Technology(Master's Course) was established.
Apr.1.1991 Graduate School of Genetic Resources Technology(Doctor's Course) was established.
Oct.1.1993 Head office of University Forests was transferred to Sasafuri-Toun.
Apr.1.1997 Inst.of Genetic Resources was renewed.
Apr.1.1998 Nine departments were reorganized into Department of Bioresource and Bioenvironmental Sciences.

The name of division was changed from Division of Agriculture, Graduate School to Division of Bioresource and Bioenvironmental Sciences, Graduate School.

The name of division was changed from Division of Agriculture, Graduate School to Division of Bioresource and Bioenvironmental Sciences, Graduate School.

Agronomy, Agricultural Chemistry, Animal Science and Genetic Resources Technology were reorganized into "Applied Genetics and Pest Management" and "Plant Resources" and "Genetic Resources Technology."
Apr.9.1998 Hikosan Biological Laboratory was abolished.
Apr.1.1999 Agricultural Chemistry, Fisheries, Sciences, Animal Science, Agrisultural Economics and Food Science and Technology were reorganized into "Bioscience and Biotechnology" and "Animal and Marine Bioresource Science" and "Agricultural and Resource Economics."
Apr.1.2000 Founded as FAculty of Agiculture:
(Applied Genetics and Pest Management, Plant Resources, Bioscience and Biotechnology, Animal and Marine Bioresource Science, Agricultural and Resource Economics, Bioproduction Environmental Science, Forest and Forest Products Sciences and Genetic Resources Technology were established.)

The name of division was changed from Division of Bioresource and Bioenvironmental Sciences to Graduate School of Bioresource and Bioenvironmental Sciences.

Agricultural Engineering, Forestry and Forest Products ware recognized into "Bioproduction Environmental Science" and "Forest and Forest Products Sciences."

I.B.C. was attached to Faculty of Agriculture.

I.G.R. was attached to FAculty of Ageiculture.

F.R.L. was attached to Graduate School of Bioenvironmental Sciences.

Head offices of University Farm and University Forests were integrated.

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