Agricultural Meteorology


Studies on local meteorology and micro-climate in farmlands and greenhouses, transport phenomena in plant-environment system, meteorological resources, meteorological improvement and environment control, hydrometeorology, global environmental issues, and meteorological disasters in agriculture

Research Theme

  1. Local meteorology and micro-climate in farmlands and greenhouses (Plant environment, Heat balance, Water balance, Fluxes, Environmental control, Environmental stress)
  2. Meteorological resources (Thermal, wind and solar energies) and meteorological improvement
  3. Transport phenomena in plant-environment system (Fluxes, Plant responses to the environment, Biophysics, Plant environmental physiology)
  4. Hydro-meteorology (Radar meteorology, Rainfall, Artificial rainfall, Biohydrology, Desert hydrology)
  5. Global environmental issues (Global warming, Desertification, Yellow sand)
  6. Meteorological disasters in agriculture


Masaharu KITANO  Ph.D.
Kenji WAKIMIZU  Ph.D., M.Sc.


Location6-10-1 Hakozaki Higashi-ku Fukuoka 812-8581 JAPAN
Agricultural Meteorology, Faculty of Agriculture, Kyushu University
(Faculty of Agriculture Building 2, Hakozaki Campus)
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