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Outline of Departments and Educational Courses

The Graduate School of Bioresource and Bioenvironmental Sciences consists of 5 departments, each of which comprises 2 to 6 divisions including over 60 laboratories (listed below) covering various fields of agriculture, forestry, fishery, animal science, and agricultural economisc.

I. Bioresource Sciences

The mission of the Department of Bioresource Sciences is to overcome the food problem which is one of high-priority issues imposed on human in the 21st century.
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*** does NOT accept new students.

III. Agricultural & Resource Economics

This department conducts education and research on the international food system from the viewpoint of social sciences with the aim of maintaining a stable supply of safe food and sustainable development of food industries and regional societies.
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IV. Bioscience & Biotechnology

The Department of Bioscience and Biotechnology consists of four educational courses, Molecular Biosciences, Systems Biology, Applied Molecular Microbiology & Biomass Chemistry and Food Science & Biotechnology.
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V. Innovative Science & Technology for Bio-industry **

The Department of Innovative Science and Technology for Bio-industry is established only for Ph.D. candidate students, which consists of two educational courses, Bio-System Design and Functional Biomaterials Design.
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