Bioresource and Bioenvironment Class Time Table  for Fourth (Spring) Semester

Timetable for Fourth Semister 

Environmental and Ecological Science for Animal Production   Microbiology Analytical Chemistry *1 Population Biology and Ecology
Instructors Y.Oshima   K.Takegawa A.Hizon L.Westover
Class Room 3-612   5-211 1-266 1-419
Applied Cell Biology Basic Ecology Elementary Economics Introduction to Bioresource and Bioenvironmental Sciences 2  
Instructors V.Chowdhury L.Westover H.Nomura K.Ogata, M.Nakao, H.Nomura  
Class Room 1-419 1-471 1-471 1-266  
Introductory Biochemistry   Analytical Chemistry *1   Genetics and Plant Breeding
Instructors Y.Hiromasa   A.Hizon   H.Yasui
Class Room 1-419   1-266   1-471
Technical Communication 1        
Instructors H.Nomura        
Class Room 1-419        
Business Japanese I (Speaking) Business Japanese II (Reading and Writing)      
Instructors N.Goto:Level1 A.Yamada:Level2 A.Yamada:Level1 M.Rikimaru:Level2      
Class Room N.Goto:1-419 A.Yamada:1-471 A.Yamada:1-419 M.Rikimaru:1-471      
*1 This Lecture is paired up Wed/3rd and Thurs/1st period. It will be open only half the normal time instead. (Please note that it will be appeared in only Thurs/1st period in the system.)
 Electives - Common Subjects
 Electives - Specialized Subjects

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