Course Requirements

Students will be awarded the Master of Science (M.Sc) on completion of a satisfactory thesis. Students are also required to complete a four-semester course over a two-year period.
The course consists of lectures, practicals, seminars, and tutorials. Students must obtain 30 credits with a minimum pass grade of 60%.

Credit Requirements: 30 credits or more

  Aim Lecture methods Choice Professors Required
Compulsory subjects Research practice Conventional form 5 subjects Laboratory Prof. 18 credits
Module subjects Improvement of basic academic abilities focusing on agricultural administration and rural development Block module 13 subjects Special team 10 credits
Cross-cutting or interdisciplinary research
Specialized subjects Improvement of expertise Block module 10 subjects Your Depts. 2 credits

The Master’s Course Curriculum

The details of course requirements are as follows:
For the syllabus, please refer to the following website. >> syllabus

Subject Credit
Master’s Thesis Research I 6
Master’s Thesis Research II 6
Seminar in a Specified Field I 2
Seminar in a Specified Field II 2
Seminar in a Specified Field III 2
(Subtotal) (18)
Fundamentals of Agricultural Sciences I (Basic Statistics) 2
Fundamentals of Agricultural Sciences II (Advanced Statistics) 1
Biological Resources : Utilization and Conservation 2
Soil and Water Environment 2
Current Topics in Agriculture and Food Environment 1
Agricultural English I – Presentation Skill 1
Agricultural English II – Paper Writing Skill 1
Special Lecture on International Development I 1
Special Lecture on International Development II 1
International Rural Development 2
Rural Survey Methodology 2
Advanced Technology in Agriculture 2
Food Science and Food Systems 2
(Subtotal) (20)
Agricultural Bioresource Sciences 2
Animal & Marine Bioresource Sciences 2
Forest and Forest Products Sciences 2
Bioproduction Environmental Sciences 2
Agronomy and Environmental Sciences 2
Agricultural and Resource Economics 2
Molecular Biosciences 2
Systems Biology 2
Applied Molecular Microbiology and Biomass Chemistry 2
Food Science & Biotechnology 2
(Subtotal) (20)
Business Japanese I 1
Business Japanese II 1
(Subtotal) (2)
total 62