Program for JDS fellows

The JDS Master’s Program at the Graduate School of Bioresource and Bioenvironmental Sciences, Kyushu University, is filled with a number of academic activities that inspire you academically while allowing you to explore Japanese culture and to enjoy campus life during your study.

1International Seminar

We invite well-known researchers from all over the world. This is a great opportunity to hear about their research, and also a good chance to discuss it with them personally. Recent seminar titles are, “New Challenges of ODS for Agricultural Development Schemes in Recipient Countries” in 2012, and “Contemporary Issues in East Asian Agriculture, its Market, Environment, and GIAHS” in 2013. This will be one of the most exciting experiences you will have in your academic career.
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past seminars

2Research skills seminar

Many of the new JDS fellows are just starting their research. We will help you get started on your research as smoothly as possible. We have several research seminars such as survey methodology, writing skills, and presentation practice.

3Research trip

Based on the student requests, we organize research trips and visit research centers or farmers. We have visited the marine product and research center, a strawberry farm, rice farmers and an agricultural engineering site. This is an exciting opportunity to get to know and see the leading technology in agriculture or marine production as a future technological leader in your home countries.

4Follow-up seminar

After two years of hard work, your supervisors will be your important research co-workers. We organize follow-up seminars in your home countries, where you can have another opportunity to discuss and inspire your further research. Follow up seminars were held in Laos in 2011, Vietnam in 2012, and will be held in Myammer in 2014.

5Life in Kyushu University

Academic life at Kyushu University is intense as well as warm and welcoming. One of the best experiences of your two year academic life will be the farewell party held by the Agricultural Faculty, including your supervisors, at the end of your two year program. JDS fellows celebrate their hard work, and enjoy the last BBQ at Kyushu University.