Voice Of Student

1 From Vietnam

Tran Thi Thu Duyen


I am really happy to be a JDS student at Kyushu University where I have been obtaining useful knowledge as well as valuable experiences. I have been provided not only a good study environment at Kyushu University but also great opportunities for academic exchange through international conferences. I had chances to join and make presentations in two international conferences: Third International Seminar of JSPS Core-to-Core Program “Collaborative Project for Soil and Water Conservation in Southeast Asian Watersheds” 2013 in Hanoi – Vietnam, and Tenth International Symposium on Agriculture, Forestry Environment and Life Science in Asia 2013 in Miyazaki – Japan. During these conferences, I learned a lot and gained experience from the well-done presentations of Professors and students from many Universities and then had interesting discussions with them. I also had an enjoyable time making new friends and discovering new places through the conferences.

2 From Myanmar

Thein Saung


Kyushu University central library is very convenient for my study with many places such as private study rooms, g..roup study rooms in where students can speak and discuss, reading rooms in where students can study with a table for each person but cannot speak and discuss loudly, a computer room, a copy and stationery room where students can copy and use needed stationery, an audio-visual room, and refreshment room where they can take a rest, so needless to say it is convenient for my study.
This is one of the motivations for my study because many reference books and journals can be searched as well as many students studying hard can be seen whenever I go to library. This favorable sight has motivated me to concentrate on my study more.

3 From Lao-PDR

Phouthivong Khamsay


After the entrance ceremony, many interesting activities were provided to enhance familiarity and friendship among students in Kyushu University. The KUFSA Soccer Tournament, a famous activity for international students, is held in October after the entrance ceremony by the Kyushu University Foreign Student Association known as KUFSA. Only 10 teams were selected to join the competition, and the Lao student team was luckily accepted to step onto the field. Actually, football is the most popular sport in Laos and perhaps across Southeast Asian countries, so we were all excited, especially me who had never been involved in any event like this. During the tournament, our team surprisingly won two matches consecutively before losing to penalty goals at the semi-final match against a team. The most important thing we gained from this tournament was the happiness, friendship and the great memories we made with Japanese students as well as other international students from many parts of the world.