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      The Laboratory of Microbial Technology aims to understand various microbial mechanisms as well as determining their utilization for the interest of human welfare. Our researches are aimed at various biochemical, molecular, and biological aspects in microbiology that have relevance in the fields of medicine, food processing, renewable energy, and environmental pollution.  
Prof. Kenji Sonomoto
Research Topics/Groups:

1. Bacteriocins

Screening, structural analysis, antimicrobial mechanism, biosynthesis and production.  [Read more ]

2. Lantibiotics (Nukacin ISK-1)
Structure-function-mode of action relationship, modification and transport system, and immunity mechanisms. 
[Read more ]
3. Acetone-Butanol-Ethanol (ABE) Fermentation
High butanol production system, metabolic engineering and bioinformatics.  [Read more ]
4. Lactic Acid Fermentation
Screening for novel strains, renewable resources and high lactic acid production system.  [Read more ]
5. Quorum Sensing
Structure-function relationship, novel QS inhibitors screening, and chemical synthesis.  [Read more ]
6. Microbiota and Probiotics  
Infant microbiota, host-bacteria interaction, and Nukadoko microbiota.  [Read more ]