Master's Thesis (Past 10 Years)

  • The Impact of HPAI on International Poultry Trade
  • Effect of CPTPP on Vietnamese Agricultural Export: Gravity Model Approach
  • Measuring Market Power of Thai Cassava Products in Main Importing Countries
  • Planted Area's Response Function of Rice for Feeding and Whole Crop Silage:
      Estimation by Panel Data Analysis
  • Quantitatively Grasping of Combination Import of Pork under the Gate Price System
  • Produce District’s Export Behavior of Japanese Yam: Approach by Conjectural Variations
  • The Effect of BSE on Market Power of U.S. Beef
  • Identifying Factors for Expanding Japanese Green Tea Exports to the United States:
      From Changes in Demand Structure in the United States
  • International Competitiveness of Indonesia’s Cocoa Sector: From the Viewpoint of Product Differentiation
  • International Competitiveness of Vietnamese Rice Sector: From the Viewpoint of Product Differentiation
  • Time Series Analysis of the Price of Rice Descriptions in Rice-Producing Districts
  • Reexamination of Product Differentiation of Japanese Rice: The Case of Hong Kong Market
  • The Relationship between Agricultural Protection Level and Total Factor Productivity
  • The Feasibility of Increasing Rice Farm Size under the Comprehensive Strategy for the Rebirth of Japan:
      Estimating the Family Wage by Farm Sizes
  • Export Expansion of Japanese Strawberry by Reducing Transport Cost: The Case of Hong Kong Market
  • The Degree of Connection of Wholesale Markets and Redesigning Central Base Markets: A Case Study of
      Japanese Radish

Doctoral Thesis (Past 10 Years)

  • Econometric Studies on the Contribution of Rice Specialized Companies to the Agricultural Households
      Economy in Myanmar
  • Econometric Studies on Habit Formation and Tariff Reduction Effects of Demand for Beef in Japan
  • Quantitative Analysis of Risks Associated with the Japan's Food System
  • Spatial Equilibrium Analyses of the Cotton Sliding Scale Duty System in China
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