Kyushu University taking on
agriculture in the world
      2016/07/13  Brochure of the Project uploaded!    


    summary Project for Promotion of Global Human Resource Development

    This project is aimed at developing global human resources who are capable of taking an active part in the world by making best use of next-generation agriculture, "AgriBio." The specific goals are…

    • Improve communication skills and overall English ability through the English Skills Enhancement Program.
    • Participate in English training overseas for intensive improvement of linguistic skills.
      Hone presentation and debating abilities and gain practical ability in such areas as scientific English.
    • Acquire the technological and cognitive skills to grasp and tackle the global challenges
      that agriculture faces through a program that procides expreience in dealing with scientific problems.

    • Take courses in English that involve learning about basic areas of agriculture.
      the credits acquired in this way are equivalent to those accrued in regular courses.
    • Further improve English-language skills to meet the requirements for study at leading Western universties.

    There is a chance for you to exercise leadership on the international scene with knowledge and skills in AgriBio gained through those programs!

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