Development of AgriBio Leaders with an International Perspective

English Skills Enhancement ProClasses customized for science students My HOP → STEP historyBuilding basic skills to achieve JUMP levelThe program is designed for steady enhancement of English skills for improved TOEFL-iBT score while staying are available, depending on areas of interest and aptitude level. They may be combined with overseas study with international students in order to build more effective and practical communication ability.Employing familiar topics, the class is designed for students to overcome their weaknesses and upgrade their English competence from “knowledge” to usable tool.BasicSTUDENT INTERVIEWKensuke HanadaDepartment of Bioresource and Bioenvironment Enrolled in AY 2015Daiki NagasatoAgricultural Chemistry, Applied Biosciences course Enrolled in AY 2014Participated in English Skills Enhancement Program, prompted from the simple desire to improve English skills.Gained greater confidence in competence with the summer training program in Australia.Training in a large-scale agricultural program in the US during spring break!Target on reaching a TOEFL-iBT score of 80 or higher.Target on becoming an “English master” through greater improvement!1st year: 2nd year: 3rd-4th year: Participation in the English Skills Enhancement Program, not knowing what is good for me.Discovered what English skills must be/ upgraded for TOEFL.Participation in training program in Australia, to confirm my accomplishment level in the 1st year.Target on continuing effort to improve my TOEFL score and become a researcher capable ofworking in other parts of the world!1st year: 2nd year: 3rd-4th year: Honestly speaking, it was hectic participating in the 3-hour English immersion class for a small group of students that took place after normal school hours. However, I enjoy studying English from an approach different from conventional English education. I had difficulties responding, with more opportunities to speak my opinion in English, but I could feel that I was slowly gaining communication capability. I got good scores in the TOEFL-iBT test I took in December of my 1st year, only a step away from the target score. I hope to work and train and eventually become an “English master”!Motivated by sense of accomplishmentThe maintenance of the planetary ecosystem and food production to support 10 billion people, alleviation of poverty, peace and security, promotion of health, etc., are issues that face all of mankind and are deeply linked to the agricultural sciences. Students of the Faculty of Agriculture at Kyushu University will be required to exercise leadership in the international community for resolving these issues in the future. To achieve this goal, it is essential that they use English as a communication tool and foster mutual understanding with people of all nationalities. The program is aimed at enabling students of the Faculty to acquire the linguistic skills necessary for information exchange and debate with students from other countries. There is still more room for the Japanese to upgrade their listening and speaking skills. I would like all of them to acquire them steadily. “Slow but steady wins the race!”Professor Masahiro OkamotoThe importance of English learningDistinguished professor, Faculty of AgricultureHOP!Kyushu UniversityFaculty of AgricultureGlobal Human ResourcesDevelopment ProgramAアnt ProgⅠMy future dream is to work in research. Convinced that study at university is my last opportunity in acquiring English competence, I participated in the program. I was not very good in English but studying from native-speaking teachers in a small-group setting provided more opportunities for me to actually use English and was able to acquire the ability to present my opinion, even in words. During the Australia training program that I participated, I was highly motivated by the enthusiasm of international students coming from various parts of the world.Overcoming personal belief that I am bad in EnglishFirst-year studentSecond-year studentMy HOP → STEP historyMy HOP → STEP historyInterview with 9


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