Development of AgriBio Leaders with an International Perspective

ram: to provide in-depth English studyon campus. A number of courses programs or with classes shared The class is designed for students who have reached TOEFL-iBT score of 80 or higher. The class will be attended also by international students and is organized for possible long-term study at universities and graduate schools overseas. Training will also be given to improve skills in debate, discussion and presentation, scientific writing, etc.English study touches into themes related to agriculture, while setting its goal to reaching TOEFL-iBT score of 80 and acquisition of working English skills for academic application.AdvancedIntermediate~Upper-intermediate- Intensive TOEFL-iBT score improvement class (March 2013)- Seminar on scientific writing in English for advanced students (March 2014)- TOEIC Score Improvement Course for Job Placement (February 2015)- Intensive Academic English Lecture (March 2015, February 2016)- Pronunciation Focus (August 2015, February 2016)- Japanese culture training: Fukuoka guided walk in English (August 2015)- Japanese culture training: Hospitality with Japanese cuisine (February 2016)In addition to regular classes, there are various intensive courses catering to various proficiency levels and objectives. These courses are held during summer and spring breaks.Intensive CoursesStarted participation in English Skills Enhancement Program.Participated in training at the International Rice Research Institute in the Philippines during spring break.Worked as supporter for international students from the City University of Hong Kong.TOEFL-iBT score reached 80 and experienced one-month study during summer break at University of California at DavisTarget on one-year study in the US in the exchange study program.Target on admission to a graduate school overseas.1st year: 2nd year: 3rd year: 4th year: Started participation in English Skills Enhancement Program.Participation in training program in Australia during spring break.Diligent work on a daily basis.Continued attendance of English Skills Enhancement Program.Participation in “Fukuoka Guided Walk in English” program during summer break.2nd year: 3rd year: 4th year: HOP!STEP!Mitsuhiko TomitaAgronomy, Agricultural Resources, Engineering and Economics course Enrolled in AY 2014Mizuki OzukaFisheries Science, Animal Resources course Enrolled in AY 2012Second-year studentFourth-year studentScheduled for study at University of Washington on exchange program starting in the summer of 3rd yearDramatic improvement in TOEFL scorefrom 56 in the 2nd year to 91 in the 4th year!In order to become an international researcher and contribute to resolving food issues, I have been participating in the English Skills Enhancement Program continuously since my 1st year. Presently, I am attending the Advanced class. In addition to improving my English, I am sharing thoughts, value perceptions and cultural understanding with other ambitious Japanese students and international students. Although it is very difficult to study, engage in extracurricular activities and work part-time at the same time, continuous exposure to English has helped me improve my TOEFL-iBT score from the 60’s level to 95, creating the feeling of growth and accomplishment. I am planning to continue attending the program and hope to utilize this for the study abroad program.Uninterrupted study builds strengthI am planning to work eventually in promotion of fisheries in my home prefecture of Nagasaki. In view of the fact that negotiations with other countries are inevitable in seafood export/import, being able to speak English is a powerful advantage. Also, I am hoping to communicate information on Nagasaki and on Japan at large to other countries through the Japanese culinary culture, including seafood dishes from Nagasaki City, which is a tourism center. I have continued to work on my English through the program and was able to interact closely with international students and to explore enjoyable ways of interacting in English. In addition to participation in the program on campus, combination with study abroad programs is highly attractive and effective in maintaining motivation.Learn and have funMy HOP → STEP historyMy HOP → STEP history10


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