Development of AgriBio Leaders with an International Perspective

STUDENT INTERVIEWGlobal Human Resources Engli Kohei YamashitaForestry and Forest Products courseProgram participation: August 2013s a second-year student, I had become accustomed to college life, but I somehow seemed to lack that feeling of freshness I had experienced during my first year. I wanted to break out of that mind-set, and so I decided to participate in the ALEP program. I went abroad for the first time. There, everything was fresh, and I was able to gain experience in a great many areas. Above all, through living with my host family, I discovered how their way of thinking was different from that of Japanese, and I was able to learn about such things as the many positive qualities of the United States. As well, by being apart from Japan, I became conscious of the great merits of my home country. By actually living within the American culture, being in constant contact with that culture, and having firsthand experience of dealing with people there, I became keenly aware of how much up until then I had been living in a rather small shell. From now on, I want to proceed by doing the things that I am able to do. I believe that being able to look at things from different perspectives allows you to achieve your own maximum potential. By introducing variety, you get to see things from different perspectives and markedly expand your own potential.t the University I studied, I attended classes with students from various countries, including China, Korea, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia and Colombia. They state their opinions clearly during class. I was overwhelmed by their aggressiveness and made sure that I can state my opinion to the best possible.In the large-scale agricultural training held outside Sydney in an expansive farm, I was able to feel the reality of food production facilities in the world. At night, we engaged in horseback riding, watching the star-studded skies and talks with other students about our dreams. They were all experiences not possible in Japan in our daily lives and were invaluable in that they were possibly only through the program.In the future, I am hoping to work in the field of agricultural implements.I hope to contribute to upgrading the efficiency of agricultural production not only in Japan but also in countries that require it. For this purpose, I am working on my English, in addition to my agricultural studies, and hope to be able to study abroad on the long-term during my university years.STUDENT INTERVIEWDaijiro FurukawaBioproduction System Engineering, Agricultural Resources, Engineering and Economics courseProgram participation: 2015San Jose State University (San Jose, California, U.S.)HOP!Program name: AgriBio Leader English Study Program (ALEP) AY 2014~Contents: Classes with other international students from other countries, the visits to the University’s school of engineering, food biochemistry laboratory, Australian Museum, Royal Botanical Garden, farming facilities, etc., eco-tours, forest training, livestock training, homestay, etc.University of New South Wales (Sydney, Australia)No TOEFL-iBT score requirementHOP!Program name: AgriBio Leader English Study Program(ALEP) AY 2011-2013Contents: Classes customized to proficiency level for Kyushu University students, Field trips (the Silicon Valley, Stanford University, etc.), Homestay programNo TOEFL-iBT score requirementⅡKyushu UniversityFaculty of AgricultureGlobal Human ResourcesDevelopment ProgramAcquisition of greater English language and international-oriented perspective The program is aimed at intensive training for English improvement and acquisition of international perspectives through short-term study at a university in an English-speaking nation, including classes held in English, field trips and cross-cultural exchanges.AA11


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