Development of AgriBio Leaders with an International Perspective

Overseas Training■ University of Hawaii at Manoa Special English and Teacher Training Seminar■ Faculty Development by invited lecturer from University of California, Davis Extension■ Seminar on Scientific Writing in English■ English skills enhancement program by invited lecturer from University of Hawaii at ManoaDomestic TrainingAeAAfAARshⅤKyushu UniversityFaculty of AgricultureGlobal Human ResourcesDevelopment ProgramAY 2013~Contents: Methods of teaching in English presentation skills, Conversation practice, Panel discussion, Lecture auditing, Personalized meetings with faculty members of the University of HawaiiToward the Development of Global Human Resources andPromoting Faculty English ProficiencyProgram for Faculty MembersProgram aimed at building essential English proficiency for faculty members, including manner of speaking when conducting lectures in English, ideas for drawing students’ interest into the current topic, techniques and methods for effective presentation and discussion, methods for writing academic papers to be contributed to international journals.Program for Administrative StaProgram for building English proficiency necessary for University administrative staff with globalization at universities, including document production in English, email correspondence with foreign universities, administration in handling foreign faculty members and students, overseas business travel.AY 2013Contents: Listening, Pronunciation, Daily expressions, Higher education in the U.S.Overseas Training■ University of California, Davis Extension■ English training program for administrative staffDomestic TrainingAY 2014~Contents: Daily conversation, Presentations, Office visits■ University of New South WalesAY 2014Contents: Daily expressions, Presentations, Learning nature and culture in Hawaii■ University of Hawaii at ManoaAY 2013, AY 2014Contents: Conversational expression for administrative works in the university, Listening enhancement, Business e-mail, PresentationsStaff Development Program (Communication and Culture Program)AY 2012, AY 2013AY 2014AY 201416


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