Development of AgriBio Leaders with an International Perspective

AgriBio leaderDeserticationDeforestationAgricultural investmentsPreservation of biodiversityFood mileageFree tradeContagious livestock diseasesJob stability & safetyGenetically modied cropsProduction & distribution systMAKE ANEW WORLDFor agriculture to fulfill its proper role, it is necessary for immediate efforts to be undertaken on a global scale. And on the global stage, there is an urgent need to cultivate talented individuals who are able to take up this great challenge in a proactive manner. Through its promotion of global human resource development, the Faculty of Agriculture at Kyushu University aims to train leaders in the area of innovative agricultural sciences (AgriBio) who can solve global problems by adopting an international perspective and possessing extensive knowledge of next-generation agriculture.Under the present circumstances, what it is required now is not simply waiting for the world to start making progress in the right direction, but for individuals to help bring about that progress themselves. And it is talented individuals who have acquired the knowledge and technical skills of agricultural biotechnology and are adept at international leadership that will reshape the world of agriculture. People who have acquired a wide range of basic knowledge in agri-bio sciences, as well as knowledge and technology in various specialized fields and who are capable of assessing issues on the regional and global scales that surround agriculture with universally applicable skills* and macrocosmic perspective and exercise international leadership.Kyushu University’s goal in buildingglobally effective human resourcesKnowledge &technologyProblem-solvingabilityMulticultural &cross-culturalknowledgeLogical &creativethinkingMacrocosmicperspectiveLeadership* Universally applicable skills: (1) Multicultural & cross-cultural knowledge; (2) problem-solving ability and (3) logical & creative thinking1


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