Development of AgriBio Leaders with an International Perspective

OvershingCompetition for foodsBioenergySoil degradationTPP issuesLand rushemsNeocolonialismCO2 securitySecuring biological resources The global-scale problems that mankind face are represented by the maintenance of the global ecosystem while maintaining food production for the world population of 9-10 billion, alleviation of poverty, promotion of peace and security and betterment of human health in both developing and industrialized nations. The world is seeking the rise of next-generation leaders in agri-bio sciences who are able to actively research into methods for resolving these problems.■ Kyushu University taking on the challenges in global agriculture■ Be Together on the Earth: GLOBAL CAMPUS, Kyushu University■ Quick Facts■ International network on the world mapEnglish Skills Enhancement ProgramClasses customized for science students to provide in-depth English studyGlobal Human Resources English Training ProgramAcquisition of greater English language competence and international-oriented perspective through overseas studyProblem-based Learning Program for Scientific Experience at Overseas UniversitiesHands-on experience of global issues and the challenges of the agri-bio leaderBilateral Exchange ProgramsDevelopment of a stronger and more dynamic international networkProgram for University Globalization – for Faculty MembersImprovement of language competence and specialized skills of faculty members who are to take charge in building global human resourcesSupport in Overseas Study & Job Placement – Global Career PathsCatapult into the international stage with English language ability and specialized knowledgePrologueⅠ.Ⅱ.Ⅲ.Ⅳ.Ⅴ.Ⅵ.Contents91113151617Kyushu University taking on challenges in global agriculture:Global-scale problems that we currently face2


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