Development of AgriBio Leaders with an International Perspective

BE TOGETHER   ON THE EARTHJoint Classes with the International CourseStudent who have scored 80 points or more on TOEFL-iBT are eligible to take the subjects run by the International Course and transfer credits to the equivalent subjects provided in Japanese. The International Course offers the chance to experience something of the atmosphere of studying at an overseas university without actually leaving Japan.Started since: AY 2013Classes: Introductory Biochemistry, Bio-organic ChemistryEnglish Skills Enhancement Program: International ClassAdvanced classes will be attended also by international students to foster cross-cultural understanding, provide experience in diverse forms of English, hone discussion and debate skills and build the ability to communicate in research and in academic societies.Started since: October 2015Description: Regular & short-term intensive courses will involve international students of various nationalities, including Myanmar, Afghanistan, Vietnam, China, Thailand and Egypt, for study into the English language.To possess agri-bio knowledge and technologiesTo accustome with English in actionGLOBAL CAMPUSKyushu UniversityStudying together and sharing time together3


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