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About Ito Campus

Ito campus is divided into three zones: The West, Center, and East Zones. The West Zone is home to the education and research facilities of the Engineering, Mathematics, Sciences, and Agriculture departments. The Center Zone is home to facilities for our KIKAN education program, research, student support, and extracurricular activities. The East Zone is home to the humanities and social sciences as well as the Central Library, one of the largest university libraries in Japan.

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There are two libraries at Ito Campus.The Central Library is one of the largest libraries in Japan. It has a study space and is used by many people. The other library is a science library. This library is closer to the Faculty of Agriculture and has a large collection of science-related books.

Kyushu University Library


There is a dormitory near the Ito campus. There are various types of rooms ranging from single rooms to shared rooms, and some rooms are shared with Japanese students.There are also rooms for married couples, so if you are interested, check the website.


Student Facilities

The Ito Campus has cafeterias, dinings and shops in each zone. QASIS, located in the centre zone, also serves Halal food. Agriculture students mainly use the Agri-Dining located in West Zone.

Student Facilities

Student Activities

Kyushu University has a number of international student communities that offer a variety of activities. Also, various club activities are held at Kyushu University, so please check them out.

This is a booklet that introduces club activities in English.

Kyushu University Students Clubs and Circles Guide

It is affiliated with the university to promote internationalization.

Students Committee for Internationalization at Kyushu University (SCIKyu)

The organization represents international students at Kyushu University.

Kyushu University Foreign Students Association (KUFSA)

Student Support

Since studying and working in a foreign country can be tough Kyushu university makes providing a strong support system for international students, researchers and faculty members a top priority.

The faculty of Agriculture has its own "Office of the Foreign Student Support & International Affairs" with English speaking staff to help with all aspects of student life.This page has links to information for current and prospective students, and academic staff.


You can find information about support at Kyushu University and various guidebooks. Please visit the site, as it is full of useful information.

International Student and Researcher Support Center

This center supports the health of students, faculty and staff. It plays a very important role in ensuring a safe and secure campus life.

Center for Health Sciences and Counseling.