Forestry and forest products

From natural sciences to social sciences, we will provide the course classes necessary to acquire the specialized knowledge and ability to respond to social demands that contribute to the sustainable production and use of forest resources, human survival, and environmental restoration. We will systematically organize from the perspective of basic and applied cross-disciplinary studies, and provide comprehensive education on global forest science under the sharing and cooperation of each educational field.

Forest Environmental and Management Sciences


Seeking to achieve the preservation of the global environment and the sustainable production of forest resources, this study area covers a wide range of research topics, including preservation of the natural environment and land; elucidation of forest functions to prevent natural disasters; the development of new technologies related to measurements of forest resources; and optimization of the policies related to forest management that harmonize wood productivity, public interest, and the natural environment.

Forest Biosciences


In this specialist area, extensive research and education are conducted on subjects ranging from the molecular and material to the ecological level, all aimed at actively developing the various functions of forest creatures and their complex environment for new applications, preserving and restoring the global environment, and making optimal use of forest resources in harmony with nature. Students concentrating on this area will acquire expertise in forest function development science, which comprises silviculture, plant metabolism control science, ligneous resource science, and its peripheral domains.

Biomaterial Sciences


This specialised area covers research on the advanced use of biomaterials, especially wood products. The research topics include advanced physical and chemical utilization of forest bioresources and highly organized engineering of forest-related environmental issues. All of this research is done with the goal of realizing the coexistence of an affluent society with the preservation of the global environment, thus requiring the wide-ranging education we offer. Students concentrating on this area will be able to choose from an array of lectures, experiments, practices, and exercises to further develop their expertise in biomaterial function science and its related areas.