Functional Anatomy

The predecessor of our laboratory was started to deal with the livestock science in 1921 and one of the oldest laboratories in the Faculty of Agriculture, Kyushu University. Since 1948, our laboratory has mainly studied and educated about the anatomy, histology, and cell biology of the domestic animals. Nowadays, our principal research theme is the elucidation of taste transduction systems in domestic animals. Powerful laboratory equipment, such as a confocal laser-scanning microscope system, cell culture apparatus, and patch-clamp device, help us to achieve this theme at the points of view of morphology, molecular biology, and electrophysiology. It will lead to developing a more efficient feeding system in animal husbandry. As another research theme, we are also interested in the cell biology in the endocrine and exocrine organs, especially about the cell differentiation and classification in the adenohypophyseal cells and formation mechanism of the extracellular environment in the liver.

Functional Anatomy



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