JDS PROGRAM at the Graduate School of Bioresource and Bioenvironmental Sciences, Kyushu university

Selection Step

Step 1: Submission of Application Documents
The easiest and quickest way to apply is to use our Downloadable forms at 'Country List' sections. You can also access to JDS project office in your country.
Step 2: Academic aptitude test (English/ Math)
The results will be used as a references for the selection. Past Math Test Sample can be also downloaded here.
Step 3: 1st Selection (Document Screening)
The accepting universities will examine the application documents and the research plan.
Step 4: Health Checkup
Schedule of health Checkup may differ by each country.
Step 5: 2nd Selection (Technical Interview)
Faculty members of the accepting universities will visit to your country for face-to face interview.
Step 6: 3rd Selection (Comprehensive Interview)
The Operating Committee members will conduct the final interview.
Step 7: Approval by the Operating Committee
Final successful candidates will be approved at the Operating Committee.
Step 8: Orientation
Pre-departure orientation (approximately for 5 days) will be held before the departure to Japan.
Step 9: Departure for Japan
JICE will arrange the air-ticket & Visa to Japan, and related-support after the arrival in Japan.