JDS PROGRAM at the Graduate School of Bioresource and Bioenvironmental Sciences, Kyushu university

Voice Of Student

From Laos

Souvannasing Saovany, MA student

I am so thankful for all the opportunities I have received from the JDS program for learning and exploring in Japan. I am from Vientiane capital, Lao PDR, a landlocked country in South East Asia. Kyushu University is located in Fukuoka prefecture, the main prefecture of the Kyushu area and has been my home for two years. The university provides a suitable environment and full facilities for students to pursue their academic goals. I really appreciated the curriculum and classes, which were provided by qualified lecturers and combined theoretical and practical aspects of the subjects. Academic lessons are not only given through assignments, books, and classroom work, but also as field trips where we gained practical experience. Overall, my experience as an international student in Japan for two years, has been very fruitful. There have been a lot of challenges such as adapting to a new environment, struggling with studying and being homesick. Fortunately, I am surrounded by supportive friends and JICE officers who often give good suggestions and encouragement. Besides obtaining knowledge, friendship is one of the valuable experiences that I have had in Japan. When I go back to my home country, I will share the experience that I have gained from Japan with my family, friends and colleagues and apply the knowledge to contribute in the organization I work for.

From Myanmar

Khin Zar Linn, MA student

I am very honoured to be a student in Kyushu University. I would love to share the experience that I gained during my study in Japan. Firstly, all the lectures provided in the international graduate program enrich me with a lot of knowledge in many different fields. Secondly, attending regular laboratory seminars about the progress of our experiments and the work published in journals by other researchers can broaden my knowledge, especially when they apply to my experiment, and they also provide the critical thinking necessary as a researcher. My student life was also smooth here because my professors always guided me on how to solve every single problem facing me in my research. Apart from studying, JDS arranges field trips such as rice planting in paddy fields and rice harvesting where we can enjoy the scenery of the countryside of Japan and learn a lot about Japanese culture, traditions, and customs as well. Finally, I would like to say that studying at Kyushu University is one of the best opportunities I have had in my life. So, let’s explore these priceless experiences at Kyushu University.

From Vietnam

Quach Dai Vuong, MA student

My name is Quach Dai Vuong, I am currently about to finish the Master course at Kyushu University under the JDS scholarship program. There is no doubt that studying and doing research at Kyushu University will be an important turning point in my life as well as career. Studying in an international and professional research environment and under the dedicated guidance of leading professors in my research field in Japan as well as around the world not only helps me strengthen critical and logical thinking, but also improves my self-studying, planning and time management skills. Besides subjects designed by the university, an advantage of JDS program in Kyushu University is that we have specialized subjects provided by JICA on the agricultural development and policy as well as technological innovation in agriculture of Japan. In addition, I have also had many opportunities to participate in domestic and international scientific seminars and conferences, which broaden my knowledge and give me comprehensive views on current issues in agriculture. Finally, I would say that I am very honored and proud of being a Master student at Kyudai.

From Vietnam

Sai Hong Anh, Ph.D. student

I would like to introduce myself. My name is SAI Hong Anh, and I study at the Laboratory of Water Environment Engineering, Kyushu University. With two years of the master’s degree and nearly three years of the doctoral degree under the sponsorship of a JDS scholarship, I have been studying with many of the top academics in my field and have also had many unique experiences . The JDS program is well organized, and overall, students will have unforgettable field trips and many memories to bring home. Kyushu University is a great option for your academic career, and Kyushu university graduates gain professional qualifications that are recognized and respected worldwide. Studying here you will be exposed to new research and technology, and it will especially encourage your creative and independent thought. Finally, I believe that the JDS program provides an extraordinary opportunity to mix with inspiring academic staff, who are leading experts in their field.