JDS PROGRAM at the Graduate School of Bioresource and Bioenvironmental Sciences, Kyushu university

Supporting Facilities


The Kyushu University Foreign Students Association (KUFSA) is an organization that represents all foreign students enrolled at Kyushu University (Kyudai). Through KUFSA, students can take part in excursions, sports, and other fun activities. Join KUFSA’s page on Facebook.


University Central Library

The University Library consists of three general libraries, the largest of which is located right across the road from the International Student Center. The International Salon on the second floor is equipped with 40 computers for student and staff use. In the International Corner on the third floor, satellite broadcasting in Chinese, Korean, and English is also available.

Visit the Kyushu University Central Library website for more information:

University Co-op

The University Co-op offers a number of services to students and staff including cafeterias, stores, bookstores, and a travel agency. The cafeterias serve a variety of meals at reasonable prices (300–500 yen) and prepaid discount meal coupons are available. Co-op members can buy goods, books, and travel tickets at discounted prices. Membership costs 5,000 yen and is refundable when leaving.


Supervisors & Academic Advisers

Supervisors and academic advisers provide guidance and advice on academic and personal issues. If you have any worries or concerns, please do not hesitate to consult with them.

For further information contact the Student Section.

Student Life

A team of Kyushu University students is assigned to new international students as supporters. This team will be your guide to your new environment and will support you in adjusting to life in Japan. The supporters will meet you at the dormitory when you arrive in Kyushu, take you shopping, show you around the campus and the city, introduce you to friends and teachers, and teach you Japanese. They will serve as your personal advisers.

This system is only available for the first three months. We hope you will actively use it to progress in your studies and research.

For further information please contact the International Student and Researcher Support Center.


International Student and Researcher Support Center

When you need to prepare documents and submit them to public offices in order to study in Japan, including those needed for the Immigration Bureau, want to rent an apartment, or need help with any other documents or procedures, the International Student and Researcher Support Center located on each campus always stands by to help you.

Please visit the International Student and Researcher Support Center website for more information: http://www.isc.kyushu-u.ac.jp/supportcenter/en/

Student Accident Insurance

The Student Accident Insurance scheme is a nationwide mutual aid system applicable to areas such as physical injuries occurring during your academic day, official programs, and extracurricular activities. To join the Student Accident Insurance Plan, an initial fee must be paid at the time of matriculation.


The Center for Health Sciences and Counseling offers physical and psychological care services, and counseling and guidance for all students and staff of Kyushu University.

The main office is located in the Center Zone 2 in the Ito campus.



A counseling service related to study, accommodation, and visa problems, and inquiries as well as accidents, illness, and family concerns (e.g., Japanese language courses for family members or enrollment in school) is offered by the International House, International Student Center Annex and Counseling Room in the Graduate School of Bioresource and Bioenvironmental Sciences. Three staff members in that school will be on hand to offer counseling and can be consulted with at any time.



Students enrolled in the course are guaranteed a furnished single room with a private bathroom and balcony at the Kyushu University International Students House (KUISH), or rooms provided by other institutions with which the university has an accommodation agreement, for the first six months after arrival at Kyushu University. More detailed information on housing is available at the following website:


Japanese Language Course for family members of international students

Graduate School of Social and Cultural Studies is going to hold a Japanese Language Course for family members of international students. The application period is in April. For further information, visit