(Narrow leaf 6)

Chromosome: 3

Linkage mapping Info:

Mapping population:
Cross: FL362/SL61
Generation: F2
Mappingmethod (P pooled; I individually): I
Number of samples: 20
Raw data of linkage analysis:

127.6   C944    38.24%  HAH--BBHHAAAAHHBAHA-
139.2   C1401   7.89%   AAHHAAAHAAAAA-AAAAAA
        Nal6            AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
142.8   G1015   7.89%   AAHAAHAAAAAHA-AAAAAA
160.3   G1318   7.89%   AAHAAHAAAAAHA-AAAAAA

Seed availability of this mapping population: not yet available

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