(spotted leaf (M109))

Chromosome: 12

Linkage mapping Info:

Mapping population: 99YF230
Cross: 97F8 4 / IR24
Generation: F2
Mappingmethod (P pooled; I individually): I
Number of samples: 20
Raw data of linkage analysis:
12.3    R642    10.53%  AAAAAAAAAAAHAAAHAAH
        spl(M109)       AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA   
30.0    R367    0.00%   AAA-AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
63.7    G2140   28.95%  HAA-AAAAHAHHHHAHHHH
110.1   C901    57.89%  BAH-BHABHABHHHHHBHB

Seed availability of this mapping population: not yet available