Kyushu University
Genome Chemistry & Engineering Lab.

Your Journey into Genome Engineering Starts Here

Kyushu University Faculty of Agriculture
Genome Chemistry & Engineering Lab.

Our laboratory focuses on understanding the genome and its applications.


  • April 2023: Joey Oshea Ciptawijaya joined our laboratory.

  • October 2023: Two IUP students joined our laboratory as interns.

  • October 2023: Hsu Yi Mon joined our laboratory.

  • October 2023: Zhang joined our laboratory.

  • May 2015: We have founded a venture company called EditForce, Inc. The company aims to develop various nucleic acid manipulation technologies (genome and transcriptome editing) using PPR proteins. For more information, please visit the EditForce, Inc. website.

    Undergraduate and graduate students are being recruited!!

    As of April 2024, it consists of 5 technicians and 8 students.
    Students from other faculties and universities are welcome.
    If you are interested in our research, please feel free to contact Prof. Nakamura.
    (Please consult with us regarding financial support such as TA and RA.)