Admissions, Fees and Scholarships

Admission to the course is based on academic ability and English language skills.
The course is open to both international students and students who are Japanese citizens.

How to apply

Application proceedure

The application process begins in January of the same year that sucessfull candiates start the course in October.
All supporting documents need to be submitted with the application form and candiates should ensure they allow enough time to receive test score results such as from SAT or language tests for submission in January.
In some cases predicted examination results are acceptable, please see the application for details of current regulations.

Candidates should check the detailed information about qualifications, application procedures and deadlines available here for the year in which they are applying.

Brochures and Leaflets

Fees and Scholarships

Application fee 10,000 Yen

Enrollment fee (One-time payment)
For successful applicants who join the course

282,000 Yen
Year 1 tuition fee 564,000 Yen Students of the international undergraduate program who do NOT have Japanese citizenship are also entitled to a reduction of half the first-year tuition fee with a reduced Year 1 fee of 267, 900 Yen.
Year 2 – 4 tuition fee (per year)
Detailed information on Fees and scholarships and their terms and conditions can be downloaded here. Tuition fees and fee reductions are subject to change without notice. The fees do not include health insurance, alumni association fee, books, etc.
535,800 Yen Depending on their circumstances students can also apply to Kyushu University for exemption from all or part of the tuition fee. This can be done after enrollment.
Accommodation Where possible students will be offered a room in a university dormitory in the Ito area in their first year. The students themselves will be responsible for the rent (23,000 – 30,000 Yen a month).
1) Japanese Government Scholarship
MEXT (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology)
Duration: 4 years
117,000 Yen per month + Exemption of enrollment and tuition fees

Airline tickets from your own country to Japan at the start and end of your 4-year course.
This scholarship program was established by the Government of Japan in order to promote the acceptance of international students from all over the world.
Suitable candidates will be selected from amongst all successful applicants to join the Bioresource and Bioenvironement course.
The university will contact these candidates directly to discuss their application for the scholarship.

2) Kyushu University International Undergraduate Scholarship Duration: a year
60,000 Yen per month

Up to 2 students with a GPA of 3.0 or above at the end of each academic year will receive this scholarship for the following year.
Students in receipt of a MEXT scholarship are not eligible for this award.
Further details of terms and conditions for scholarships can be downloaded here.
To apply for MEXT and Kyushu University scholarships complete the appropriate section of the admission application form.
Recipients of these scholarships are selected during the normal admission application process.

3) Other scholarships
Other scholarships are offered by private foundations, international associations, and local governments.
This information is valid for the currently enrolled students and is subject to change in future years.
The most up to date information are available here.
4) Scholarships for students who are Japanese citizens Information on scholarships for students who are Japanese citizens is available here (scholarships1) and here (scholarships2)