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Internatinal Cooperation & Joint Research

 Our institute has conducted the following international activities.

The institute of Postgraduate Studies in Agriculture Projest

IPSA project, Bangladesh

IPSA project, Bangladesh

This was an international cooperative project of higher agricultural education and research by JICA (Japan international Cooperation Agency). ITA supported the project, dispatching staff members as long- and short-term experts and accepting trainers.

The Education and Research Capability Building Project at Hanoi Agricultural University(Vietnam:1998-2003,F/U:2003-2004)

Technology transfer in Hanoi Agric. University, Vietnam

Technology transfer
in HanoiAgric.
University, Vietnam

This was an JICA Project, aiming at upgrading Hanoi Agricultural University. With a collaboration of the faculty of Agriculture, Kyushu University, and other universities of Kyushu, Okinawa and Yamaguchi areas, the project completed successfully. ITA functioned as a coordination office of the project, as well as dispatched long- and short-term experts.


Studies on the joint afforestation by the Japanese and Chinese citizens' Group in Ocher Plateau of China

Studies on the joint
afforestation by the Japanese
and Chinese citizens' Group
in Ocher Plateau of China

Training course of research technology

Training course of
research technology

We contributed for 9 years to develop an effective afforestation technique in semi-arid lands by dispatching an expert to the JICA "Social Forestry Extension Model Development Project for semi-Arid Areas in Kenya". Consecutively, we now study and support of semi-arid land afforestation by the joint project by the Japanese and Chinese citizens' group in Ocher Plateau of China and also agro-forestry research.
In addition, with a collaboration of the Faculty of Agriculture, Kyushu University, the Institute gave JICA Country-focused Training Course in "Advanced Research Technology for Sustainable Agriculture Development for Vietnam" (2003), Technical Interview of JDS program in Myanmar and Vietnam by Japanese ODA. Those are a part of our international cooperation activities of basic & advanced researches and higher education in agriculture. Finally, to realize the plan of Asia-oriented activities in Kyushu University, we have conducted projects such as "Comparative study on higher agricultural research and education in Vietnam, Thailand and Laos (2001-2003)", "Establishment of partnerships in agricultural studies in universities of Vietnam (2003-2005)" , "A feasibility study for the collaborations of Asian university (2005-2007) ", and "Numerical modelling on the mechanism of effluent loads from integrated farming system in tropical region (2007-2010)" supported by the Fund "Kyushu University Interdisciplinary Programs in Education and Projects in Research Development (P&P)". Through these activities we are aiming to enhance a friendship with oversea universities and institutes, leading to a realization of a sustainable development in Asian countries.