Name of the research project and the representative institutes, etc.

Name and duration of the research project

Name of the research project

Smart Paddy Agriculture Mode Implemented by Agricultural Production Corporation(development and demonstration on the innovative large-scale rice farming technology system with the integration of IT agro-machinery, field sensors, visualized farming and skill-transferring system)
(original title)農業生産法人が実証するスマート水田農業モデル

Research duration

April 2014 - March 2016

Budget name

supplementary budget for fiscal year 2013, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries “Urgent extension project of innovative technology for the realization of proactive management in agriculture, forestry and fisheries (with which the establishment of innovative technology system assembling the industrial and academia knowledge)”

Research consortium name, coordinating institution and research leader, etc.

Research consortium

Nosyou Navi 1000 (Society of the New Generation Large-Scale Rice Cropping)
(original title)農匠ナビ1000( 次世代大規模稲作経営革新研究会)

Representative institution and research leader

Prof. Teruaki Nanseki, Faculty of Agriculture, Kyushu University()

Constitution of the research consortium and the study areas

Constitution of the research consortium

Kyushu University, Fukuhara Farm Co., Ltd., Yokota Farm Co., Ltd., Butta Agricultural Production Corp., AGL Corp., Agricultural Technology Promotion Center of Shiga Prefecture, Agriculture and Forestry Research Center of Ishikawa Prefecture, Agricultural Center of Ibaraki Prefecture, Yanmar Corp., Sorimachi Corp., Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Independent Administrative Corp. of the National Institute of Agriculture and Food Research Organization (Research Center for Kyushu and Okinawa Region, National Agricultural Research Center)

Study areas

Ryugasaki City of Ibaraki Prefecture, Nonoichi City of Ishikawa Prefecture, Hikone City of Shiga Prefecture, Aso City of Kumamoto Prefecture

Project overview

Please click here for an overview of the research (PDF,1.2MB)

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