IUP now offers
2 degrees
in 4 years!

Do you want to study overseas? Do you want to earn two bachelor’s degrees in four years? Then, there is a perfect solution in our IUP (International Undergraduate Program).
IUP in the School of Agriculture at Kyushu University(KU) is currently offering a program called the Dual Degree Program in collaboration with Northern Arizona University (NAU) in the United States. It is an international academic program that allows you to earn a bachelor's degree from both KU and NAU in just four years. There is no leave of absence from KU and no additional tuition fees.

A first for Japan.

This is the first time in Japan that a national university has offered a dual degree program in science that is open to international as well as Japanese students.

How the Dual Degree Program works

The DD combines two bachelor’s degrees into a single course of study and expands your future study and career opportunities. You can receive both degrees simultaneously by completing the graduation requirements for both universities during the program.

  1. KU-DD students will take KIKAN education in their 1st year.
  2. KU-DD students will travel to the United States in their 3rd year and will come back to Japan at the end of their 3rd year.
  3. KU-DD students will bring back 32 credits from NAU to KU.
  4. KU-DD students will come back to KU and will do their thesis work in their 4th year at KU.

International Undergraduate Program(IUP)

Please visit IUP’s website to know more about IUP.

International Undergraduate Program

Application Guidelines

Program Established: 2021

Status of Participating Students

Applicants must enroll in IUP (International Undergraduate Program), School of Agriculture, Kyushu University.

Selection of Entrants

At the end of the first year, applicants for the DD program with a GPA of 3.0 or higher, TOEFL iBT 70, or IELTS 6.0 or higher will be selected through an interview. After the end of the winter semester of the second year, candidates will be re-evaluated for the courses required for admission to NAU. Candidates with a GPA of 3.2 or higher will be recommended as finalists for admission to NAU. NAU will then make the final selection and admission to NAU's DD program.

Tuition Fees

Admitted students are waived from paying tuition fees to NAU.

Number to be Admitted

Up to 3 people/year

Degrees Awarded
KU: Bachelor of Science

in Agriculture (Bioresource and Bioenvironment)

NAU: Bachelor of Science

in Biology

Years of Study

4 years (includes 1 year of study at NAU in USA)

Course Requirements
  1. 32 of the 72 credits in Specialized Courses must be taken at Northern Arizona University.
  2. Fulfill graduation requirements in the remaining Specialized Courses (Technical Communication, Tutorial, Common Basic and Specialized Subjects, Laboratory Subjects, Fieldwork Practice Subjects, Thesis).
  3. Graduation research must be conducted at Kyushu University and the graduation thesis must be completed and assessed.
Further information about the Dual Degree Program is available from;
Department in charge Student Affairs Section (In Charge of IUP)
School of Agriculture, Kyushu University

ITO Campus, West Zone 5-322a
744, Motooka Nishi-ku Fukuoka-city, 819-0395 Japan

email : agri-iupe@agr.kyushu-u.ac.jp

phone : +81-92-802-4508

Advantages of Studying Overseas with DDP

Developing a positive and challenging spirit

By attending specialized lectures and earning credits at a university in a foreign country, students can develop a positive attitude and challenging spirit, which are important for being active Internationally.

Growing through mutual understanding between different cultures

Students will be able to develop cross-cultural mutual understanding through personal exchanges at universities in different countries. In particular, both universities have student dormitories on campus where domestic and foreign students live together.

Taking advantage of the characteristics of their host university

Students can take advantage of the characteristics of their host university to acquire more practical knowledge and skills that they cannot acquire at their home university.

Enables to save time and money

The DD Program combines two bachelor's degrees of study into a single course of study, allowing students to save time and tuition fees instead of taking two separate degrees.

Further advantages of attending NAU

Gaining a deeper understanding of the relevance to practical technology

NAU offers practical education related to bioresources and the environment, so DD students can gain a deeper understanding of the relevance of practical technology in fieldwork and research facilities through a group of specialized courses.

Learning practical negotiation and communication skills

Through discussion-based lectures at universities in other countries, students can acquire practical negotiation and communication skills.

Acquiring practical solution skills

DD students will take a comprehensive practical course called the Capstone Program to acquire practical solution skills through research and discussion with local NAU students to solve problems.

Becoming an international leader

The U.S. is a world leader in science, and NAU is highly regarded worldwide for its research in the fields of biological resources and the biological environment, taking advantage of its unique geographical environment. It is expected that this DDP will expand your study and career opportunities and will produce international leaders who can solve global problems.

About NAU


Northern Arizona university (NAU) is built on a student-first foundation. NAU delivers world-class academic programs for a world-ready generation. In every classroom, top-flight research powers personalized teaching.


1899 S San Francisco St, Flagstaff, AZ 86011, United States

NAU (Website)
  • NAU is located in Flagstaff, the southwest part of the United States, near the Grand Canyon, one of the most beautiful natural landforms in the world.  NAU is a comprehensive university focusing on education, offering 95 undergraduate and 76 graduate degree programs, and is famous for its strong science, business and engineering programs.

    In addition, the College of the Environment, Forestry, and Natural Sciences (CEFNS) has also been attracting attention for its excellent research results in the fields of conservation, forestry and natural sciences, which benefit from its unique geographical location.

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    The College of the Environment, Forestry, and Natural Sciences (CEFNS)

    The College of Environment, Forestry, and Natural Sciences consists of nine departments, including Earth Sustainability, Forestry, Biological Sciences, Mathematics and Statistics, and Astronomy and Planetary Sciences. Surrounded by vast pine forests, the school has produced outstanding research results in the fields of conservation forestry and natural science. The Department of Forestry's degree programs are ranked among the top ten in the nation, and many ........

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