Research Collaboration

The Laboratory of Animal Life Science, Facutly of Agriculture, Kyushu University has research techniques using animal cells and chicken embryos.

1.Serum-free smooth muscle cell culture that maintains contractile function

The possibility of viral contamination from serum, which is a concern with cultured meat, can be ruled out. Cells in our laboratory maintain a more biological-like state. They are suitable not only for cultured meat research, but also for vasoconstrictive and gastrointestinal tract constrictive model research.


2.eggshell-free culture of chicken embryos

We have successfully removed the eggshells from chicken embryos and grown them up to 15-day embryos in plastic cups. Growth of skeletal and smooth muscles that constitute meat can be traced. This culture system can also be used to screen drugs and to verify the effects of functional substances such as food on the growth of meat constituent tissues.

3.basic research on genetically modified cultured meat using cell culture system

With a track record of research on inhibition of myofiber formation in myoblasts of mouse skeletal muscle, inhibition of adipocyte differentiation using mouse adipose progenitor cell lines and induction of dedifferentiated cells by the muscle stem cell gene Pax7 gene, our goals are to convert waste parts of livestock to meat and induce cultured meat stem cells by inducing undifferentiated cells. We are conducting data acquisition experiments using chicken cells.

Adipocytes (mouse)

Adipogenesis inhibited cells

We are always looking for domestic and foreign companies and research institutions that are interested in conducting joint research.