To high school students

The Animal Life Science Laboratory participates in the QFC-SP program, a high school-university collaborative project, and accepts research students.

We provide students with opportunities to experience specialized university studies by learning and conducting experiments at students’ convenience so that even high school students with no specialized knowledge about research can enjoy participating in the program.

Experiments are supported by undergraduate and graduate students. They can provide information about going on to college, campus life, etc.

High school students interested in the microscopic world of biology are encouraged to contact us.

QFC-SP research student in 2024

  • Mizuki Kamiya


  • Koto Tanaka (AY2022)
    “Myocyte Research for Efficient Meat Production”
  • Rita Fujino (AY2022)
    Kyushu University QURIES program student
  • Honoka Otsuka (AY2021)
    “Basic research for skeletal muscle gain in livestock”
  • Yuu Nakaseko (AY2021)
    “Basic Research for the Development of New Meat Production Methods -Approach from Smooth Muscle-”