to prospective graduate students

“I would like to try a different kind of research than I did as an undergraduate.”

“I want to enter graduate school to deepen their research and pursue a career as a researcher at a company or university.”

The Laboratory of Animal Life Science actively accepts such students as graduate students.

Although the master’s course is only two years long, it is still a life-changing decision for all of you. Leaving your current place of residence, meeting new people, and being exposed to new research is an exciting and courageous step.

In the doctoral program, you will deepen your research, discover new things on your own, and write up your findings in a dissertation. These three years may seem like a long road, but it goes by very quickly. Especially for students who come to Japan from abroad, it may be stressful to get used to a different culture and the way the laboratory operates.

But don’t worry. I have had such an experience, too. I also have an experience of changing laboratories and doing research in the U.S. during graduate school. I offer the hands-on individual seminars, experimental guidance, and guidance in writing papers.

If you are interested in our laboratory, please contact us through the inquiry form.