Recent research topics

Twenty-one century is the century to establish sustainable society mean while consider both human heart and health. What is the best way to utilize limited materials to establish sustainable society along with environment? We work on the proposition which focus on the function of forest resources.

Elucidation and application of new physiological activity mechanism of forest resources aiming at LOHAS

Forest has traditionally been thought to have power to heal people both mentally and physically. Also, mushrooms, which is one of the forest resources, attract attention to has the function to heal cancer and other lifestyle related disease. We aiming at LOHAS (Life Of Health And Sustainability) and elucidation of physiological activity of multifunctional roles forest. We are working on the effect of natural fragrance to mind and body, and investigation of mushroom compounds which is effective to disease of the aged such as prostatic hypertrophy and osteoporosis. Moreover, trying to investigate these functional mechanisms.

Development of Food with Functional Claims uses forest resources

One of the aims of our research is clarifying a function of food, which is useful for healthy life of human. Furthermore, we search the best way to consume those functional food to earn beneficial effect from the point of view of nutritional physiology of active compound.

Development of Cosmetic Materials and Functionality Assessment

Another aim of our research is clarifying a mechanism of cosmetics such as whitening, anti-aging and hair restoration using chemical and biological approach, and develop cosmetic materials with new function. Moreover, we work on to develop safer and more secure cosmetic which make people healthier.