Silkworm Genetics

The special feature of our laboratory is 800 unique silkworms. Nowadays, there are fewer opportunities to see silkworms, but they were once familiar to Japanese people. Many people are not good at insects. However, silk from cocoons is the finest fiber. For people who cannot control insects, research, hobbies, and industrialization of cocoons, silk, and silk are attractive. Silkworms are easy to raise. It is also convenient as educational material for elementary school and has many users. Many people feel that the threshold is high because it is a university, but please feel free to contact us.

If you are wondering whether to go to graduate school, please feel free to contact us. In the current laboratory, those who think inferiority, those who want to try new things, somehow are confused about going on to university. Enrollment at other universities and working adults are also possible. It may be lonely because there are few students, but one of the attractions is that you can spend at your own pace.

Silkworm Genetics



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