1. Search for “seed” cells for cultured meat and Research on utilization of livestock waste

In recent years, the stable supply and security of food has become an issue due to global population growth, natural disasters, and global warming. Meat is no exception. In Europe and the United States, local production exceeds consumption, while in developing countries, especially in Asia, where population growth is remarkable, production is inadequate and is expected to become a more serious problem in the future. The increase in the number of livestock is directly linked to the global competition for grain feed and the environmental burden caused by livestock waste, so it is necessary to consider sustainable meat production.
Our research goal is to establish meat seed cells from the digestive tract of chickens and develop new methods of meat production in order to reduce and utilize livestock waste. To achieve the goal, we are engaged in the following research projects

Elucidation of the regulatory mechanism of trans differentiation of meat component cells

Fundamental research for the development of safe and secure cultured meat using serum-free culture media