to Kyoso (ISI) students

The start of the first DP class of the Faculty of Co-Creation and the start of Nakamura Laboratory coincided unexpectedly. Therefore, it is no exaggeration to say that my research has made a great leap forward due to the students of the Faculty of Co-Creation. Your seniors boldly took on the challenge of conducting many experiments and built the backbone of the new laboratory. They have written their graduation theses in English and left many experimental protocols for their juniors. Students who want to solve the world’s food problems and work on issues for that purpose are welcome to visit our laboratory. We also encourage the following in our laboratory. We encourage students to pursue a master’s degree; one year of DP is almost entirely spent learning experimental methods. The two years of the master’s program will allow you to develop a research plan in three years. In addition, students can build up their knowledge of cell biology and developmental biology by applying to the Graduate School of Bioresource and Environmental Sciences. Students should aim to complete courses for graduation from the Faculty of Co-Creation by the end of their third year. In your fourth year, you will have a better chance of obtaining good research results by creating an environment in which you can concentrate on your experiments. After selecting the Nakamura Laboratory for DP, individual study sessions are offered upon request. Specifically, we ask students to give a presentation on what they have researched on food issues and to summarize and present chapters of Essential Cell Biology. Since these sessions are conducted individually, students can proceed at their own pace. While building up basic knowledge together, Nakamura introduces current research projects, provides information on experimental techniques, and introduces the latest research. The DP paper is written and presented in English, and the DP presentation is the culmination of the year’s work. You will memorize the manuscript and work with Nakamura to prepare an English presentation that will be better understood. If you have any questions, please contact me anytime.

DP projects


Tomoki KATO
Research on chicken embryonic development for the sustainable food production
Basic research for cultured meat to understand smooth muscle cell properties
Toward sustainable meat production –Approach from gene modified method-


Identifying the SEED cells can Advance Cultured Meat Production 
Increase healthy life expectancy by keeping muscle quality in the aging society 
Shuntaro OKAZAKI
Unveiling the Mechanism of Chicken Development Toward Sustainable Meat Production


SMC cultured meat as a solution for world hunger
Differences in RNA transcription and protein expression by development stages on the chicken embryo