Laboratory Staff

Noriko Sato (proffesor)

My research interests include the role of self-logging forestry in settling mountain villages and preserving the environment, as well as measures to support environmentally friendly forestry.
I am good at driving on mountain roads and conducting interviews. I like to go with students to conduct field research. My current research concern is forest policy toward disaster resilient forestry.

Researcher information

Takahiro Fujiwara (associate professor)

I am researching sustainable management systems for tropical forests. As a student, I studied abroad in Indonesia and speaks Indonesian. In recent years, working with international students, I have expanded my research to Vietnam, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, and Bangladesh. Recently, I have also been interested in how forests are socially created. Forests are created not only by ecological factors, but also by socioeconomic and political factors. Therefore, I would like to identify the factors by organizing similarities and differences through comparisons among countries. In the Forest Policy Studies Laboratory, people of all colors and personalities study together and discuss freely. We look forward to the day when you join us.

Researcher information

Miki Tetsumi (administrative assistant)


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