Laboratory of Biological Chemistry
Department of Bioscience and Biotechnology,
Graduate School of Bioresource and Bioenvironmental Sciences,
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Welcome to Ishino's lab

Living organisms on the earth are divided into three domains, Bacteria, Archaea, and Eukarya.  Whereas the unicellular ultrastructure without nucleus is common to Bacteria and Archaea, proteins involved in information processes; replication, transcription, and translation, share strong similarities between Archaea and Eukarya.  Therefore, the research on genetic information systems in Archaea has been rapidly developed as a model system to understand the more complex processes in Eukarya.  Our research group has been studying on basic and applied molecular biology of Archaea, especially on DNA replication and repair in the hyperthermophilic archaea.  In addition to the analyses of molecular mechanisms of these processes, the involved enzymes and protein factors are applied to the development of new technologies for genetic engineering.  We already discovered several novel enzymes and proteins and developed practical techniques with these proteins.  These results are published in the academic journals and also used for patent applications.
Everybody, who are interested in the studies described above and who wants to have a new finding by biochemical and biophysical experiments, is welcome to our laboratory.  Let us study together and obtain an exciting feeling to discover a novel biological fact.

Research Theme

  • Structural and functional studies on nucleic acid-related enzymes
  • Molecular mechanisms of DNA replication and repair
  • Development of useful enzymes for genetic engineering techniques
  • Microbiology of extremophiles
  • Metagenomic analyses of marine environment.


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